Infini Juridique is one of the top most Aviation Law Firm in India. We advise our clients on a regular basis on every aspects of Aviation Law in India. Our clients are some of the most well known international and regional airlines. Our Aviation Team has some of the well known Aviation Lawyers in India who are experts on Aviation Laws in Indiaincluding Carriage by Air Act, Hague Protocol, Warsaw Convention, Montreal Convention. Our Clients include world's premier international and regional airlines such as Air Canada, Air China, Lufthansa etc.


Passenger & Baggage Claims & Disputes

Infini Juridique has over two decades of experience in handling disputes across India, related to loss of baggage as well as delays. We have extensive experience in handling all kinds of aviation related disputes arising out of Carriage by Air or air disasters. Our success rate has been over 90 percent, in handling Passenger and Cargo related claims and disputes in India, for Major Foreign Air Lines.

We have successfully handled one of the largest Passenger/Baggage Claim in India worth USD 40,00,00,000.


Competition law

We have the expertise in handling economic and safety regulation and competition law issues. We advise on matters related to air service agreements, conditions of carriage, aircraft and operations licensing, criminal conduct aboard aircraft, deportation.

We are experienced in handling competition law issues, including issues related to monopoly, cartel and pricing arrangement and schemes intended to market the airline. We advise on all such issues to our clients especially in matters related to arrangements with GSA, Franchises, Alliances, code-share etc.


General & Financial Law

We advise on the acquisition, sale and leasing of aircraft. We offer a comprehensive legal service that meets all our clients' commercial needs including Engine Lease Agreements, Licenses, Regulatory Approvals, Establishment of Office and Infrastructure, Employment Agreements, Termination Strategy, etc