Litigation is a very complex and time taking process in India. Delay in disposal of cases are due to several reasons such as considerable number of old and pending cases, shortage of courts, frequent adjournments sought by Lawyers, etc. In recent years there have been many reforms in the judicial system, such as amendments to Civil Procedure Code for timely disposal of cases, addition of new courts and appointment of new judges, setting up of a judicial reforms committee for providing recommendations for judicial reforms etc.

Infini Juridique is a leading Law Firm handling litigation matters throughout India including the Supreme Court of India and various High Courts. Our Lawyers are members of Supreme Court Bar Association, High Court Bar Association as well as other Associations of Bars.

We handle litigation arising out of following:

  1. Aviation related litigation including Passenger and Baggage Claims.
  2. Consumer and Service related disputes.
  3. Civil Suits, including money suits and suits of various other nature.
  4. Corporate & Commercial Disputes.
  5. Contractual Dispute.
  6. Trade Mark Infringement.
  7. Patent Infringement.
  8. Copyright Infringement.
  9. Design Infringement
  10. Plant Variety Action


We have an expert Aviation team handling litigation arising out of passenger and baggage claims. Our Lawyers are well conversant with various international protocols and conventions such as Montreal Convention, Hague Protocol, Warsaw Convention. India is a signatory to all the international conventions and treaties and has recently adopted Montreal Convention by amendment of the Carriage by Air Act.

On behalf of one of the leading International Airline, we have successfully handled an aviation related damages claim for a sum of USD 40,00,00,000. We handle matters before National Commission and State Commissions on passenger and baggage claims with nearly 90% success rate.


We also handle all kinds of dispute arising out of Consumer Dispute related to services or goods including unfair trade practice, negligence in service, deficiency in service and other related issues.


Our team of lawyers are well conversant with Civil Laws in India and can handle the most complex civil dispute such as Suit for Damages, Mandatory and Permanent Injunctions, Declaration Suits, Money Suits, Commercial and Contractual disputes, Eviction Suits, Property Suits, Employee/Employer claims etc.


We have an excellent team of IPR Litigation Lawyers exclusively handling IPR Litigation, such as Trade Mark/Patent/Copyright/Design Infringement Action, passing off action, damages action for unauthorized usage of IPR, Licensing Dispute, Franchise Dispute.

We have an excellent understanding of Trade Marks Act, Patent Act, Copyrights Act, Industrial Design Act and Protection of Plant Varieties Act, which makes us one of the sought after Law Firms for IPR Litigation in India.

We are also one of the select few Law Firms in India handling matters related to Protection of Plant Variety Act. Infini Juridique is also the first Law Firm in India to file any action before any Court in India in relation to Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmer’s Rights Act. We have challenged the provision of Interim Protection provided under Section 24 (5) of the Protection of Plant Variety and Farmers’ Rights Act. The said provision provides for protection to a breeder during the period of filing of the application and until the time of registration. On behalf of our clients, we have questioned the legality of the said provision with a prayer to declare the same as unconstitutional.

We are also the first Law Firm in India to have filed Opposition proceedings to various Plant Variety Application filed by others.