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Patent Registration

INFINI JURIDIQUE is ranked amongst the top Patent Law Firms in India. Being one of the leading Patent Law Firms in India, we handle all aspects of Patent filing and prosecution. We are the sought after Law Firm for domestic phase Patent filing and prosecution as well as infringement action. Our Patent department consists of Patent Agents, Patent Attorneys, Engineers, Lawyers and experts in various Technology.


Infini Juridique is one of the few law firms in India which hadles International Patent filing as well as Patent drafting. We have filed Patent Applications pertaining to every technological areas such as Biotechnology, Chemical, Electrical, Computer hardware, Mobile Operating Technology, Medical Apparatus, Civil Engineering, etc.


We, at Infini Juridique, are well equipped to handle the most complex patent applications. With our own data base and our experienced Patent Attorneys as well as Engineers, we are able to handle all kinds of Patents such as those related to Bio-Technology, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Pharmaceutical, and Electrical etc. Every year we file hundreds of National Phase Patent Applications in India for our various foreign clients. Our IPR Team also consists of Litigation Attorneys who handle infringement cases. Infini Juridique also helps its clents in looking for partners for licenses as well as technology transfers or collaboration on technology. 


Patent Registration is a complex process, which requires close coordination between the Patent Attorney, Inventor and Engineers. Once an invention has been made, the first process is to prepare the Patent Document, which is based on prior art search and also clearly distinguishing the novel features in the invention compared to prior art.


Securing a Patent is a long drawn process all across the globe and requires consistent monitoring and meeting the deadlines by taking steps within the statutory period. Any carelessness on part of the Applicant or the Attorney may lead to abandonment of the Patent Application. It is for this reason that Patent Applications must be handled by experienced Patent Attorneys with proper infrastructure.


In order to file a National Phase Patent application, we shall only require the WIPO Application Number or PCT Application Number, based on which we can prepare the Indian Patent Application. Incase there is any amendment to the PCT application or there has been an assignment, then we shall require such additional information from the client alongwith supportive document. In addition to the above we shall require by email the following:.

  1. Complete Specification;
  2. Drawings;
  3. Claims;
  4. Power of Attorney (POA can be filed even at a later date);


The Firm is collaborating with Patentarea for National Phase filings in India. Infini Juridique is also working closely with several international Law Firms from across the globe for filing their Patent Applications in India.


Our Patent Attorneys would be glad to help and assist you, Incase you need any assistance in India on Patent filing and prosecution or process of patent registration in India. Contact us at del@infinijuridique.com or del@ijserve.com