Infini Juridique is a leading full service Law Firm in India and also well known law firm for its IPR practice. Our IPR wing consists of Patent & Design Department, Trademark Department, Plant Variety Registration Department, Copyright Department. Infringement, Passing Off and other related IPR disputes are handled by our IPR Litigation team. Our Firn's Trademark Department handles nearly 3000 trademark application each year for its foreign clients in India.


Our Trademark Department consists of expert Trademark Attorneys, who help and assist the clients during each stage of the process of Trademark filing and Trademark Registration. Prior to the filing of an application, if the clients so desires, our Trademark attorneys conduct search of the data base of the Trademark office in India for identity or similarity of Trademarks filed, registered or pending. Search is conducted on the basis of key words and classification of goods. Data base consists of pending applications, accepted applications, abandoned applications as well as registered marks. After conducting Trademark search, our Trademark Attorneys provide an indepth analysis report with chances of the mark of the client being registered. Our Attorneys also advise the Clients on the manner of filing the trademark application in India, in order to secure the best protection.


Under the Watch Service, we monitor the published applications regularly. At the request of clients, our Trademark Department provides “Trademark Watch Service” to them, by carefully keeping a watch on published marks, which may be similar or identical and informing the clients on a regular basis while advising them on initiation of necessary action including filing of opposition/passing off/infringement, thereby reducing the chances of unlawful and unauthorized usage of the mark.


Our IPR Litigation Team consists of expert litigation lawyers. The IPR Litigation team is responsible for initiation of passing off action as well as infringement action and damage suits, including rendition of account. Recently the Firm has obtained an injunction order against Thermo Fischer, a US based BioTechnology Company, preventing them from using the mark Life Technology, Life Tech, Life Technologies as well as domains, which may be identical or similar to, and several other mark as well as Domains


We also help our clients in gathering market information on passing off or infringementassist clients in conducting raids in order to minimize the chances of infringement or counterfeiting, thus effectively countering piracy.


Infini Juridique is collaborating with several International Law Firms from USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, UAE, Kuwait etc.. We handle Indian filings of over 100 International Law Firms on a regular basis. You may contact one of our attorneys for any IPR Matters including Trademark Application by sending us an email at or